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How a Mexican, Japanese and Hawaiian man made magic

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How a Mexican, Japanese and Hawaiian man make the best Poké Bowls and Sushi Burrito’s in town!

Once upon a time in Mexico, a burrito seller named Eduardo got tired of rolling the same burrito over and over again.

He decided to take a break and relax on the beautiful island of Hawaii. At the same time in Japan, lived a razor sharp sushi chef named Akihiro. His wife left him for another man and he decided to move away from his troubles to paradise in Hawaii.

As both men were on a path of self-discovery, they decided to take surf lessons to become cool surfer dudes. They met Ailani, the best teacher on the island who taught them how to catch some waves and introduced them to his killer poke bowls.

After an exhausting day of surfing they plumped down on the beach and drank some beers while the sun went down. Eduardo, Akihiro and Ailani were suddenly starving after catching huge waves all day. Each man wanted to prepare a dish from their home to share with each other.

However, Eduardo wasn’t able to roll his famous burritos because he couldn’t find the Mexican tortillas. Akihiro offered to make sushi for them but Ailani wanted to make a poke bowl instead and Eduardo complained that he didn’t want to eat with chopsticks. They decided to combine all their ideas and then in that moment, SUSHITO was born.