Autumn Kalua Pork roll

The Kalua Pork roll is one of our four season specials available on our menu! The proteine of the Kalua pork roll is named after the traditional Hawaiian dish named Kalua Pork that’s roasted traditionally underground which results in a delicious smoked pulled pork. The proteine of this roll can be served warm and cold but for the autumn days we advise to order this one warm.  Together with the roasted sweet potato and our miso lemon dressing this roll will get you through the rainy days! The Kalua pork bowl is available for the months September, October and November so come and visit one of our stores quickly and don’t miss this one.


Small:            €14,95
Inside out:       €15.45


  • White cabbage salad

  • Cucumber

  • Roasted sweet potato

  • Avocado

  • Smoked Kalua pork

  • Limon miso dressing

  • White and black sesame



Contains gluten